The fun of summer is in full swing, and as the temps heat up, everybody just wants to get in the water! We don’t blame you for wanting to cool off in the pool, but we do want to offer a few suggestions if you plan to make a trip to a nearby waterpark this season.

There’s Something in the Water

Even though you’ve likely heard that chlorine kills germs, the truth is, it sometimes takes days for chlorine to adequately fight the bacteria floating around in the water. We don’t mean to alarm you with this information, simply make you aware that it is always a good idea to rinse off with fresh water (many waterparks have showering facilities) before and after you swim, and it is NEVER a good idea to swallow or ingest chlorinated water, pool water, lake water, or any other public-swimming water.

Watch Your Step!

It may seem like a no-brainer, but waterparks are slippery! It can be difficult to get your kids to slow down and stop running around the pools, or even for you to keep your balance in your flip flops. Waterparks are liable for making sure their environment is safe and free of major safety hazards and threats, but you can never be too careful. Whether at the top of a water slide, or on the steps into the pool, stay alert, use the appropriate hand railings and flotation devices, and encourage your kids to slow down!

Eat Smart

While we’re sure most facilities are doing their best to keep their food storage maintained and everything at the proper safety temperatures, if you’re unsure about the quality of the food in the park, it’s better to avoid it rather than risk it. The combination of the already-present waterpark bacteria, mixed with workers who may not be highly educated in food safety, and escalated by the summer heat, it may be a good idea to bring your own lunch.

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