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Truck driver allegedly told to resign or be fired after filing workers’ compensation claim

A former truck driver for a gas and chemical company is alleging he was told to resign or be fired in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Joel Straus filed a complaint Jan. 4 in the Madison County Circuit Court against Air Products and Chemicals Inc., alleging retaliatory discharge. Straus was employed as a truck driver for Air Products…

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Significant state variation in COVID-19 comp claims: WCRI

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers compensation claims varied substantially by state in the first half of 2020, with claims figures significantly affected by outbreak severity and whether a coronavirus presumption order or law was in place, according to a study released Thursday by the Workers Compensation Research Institute. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based WCRI researchers said there was “tremendous variation…

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Indiana bill would allow workers to choose own comp physicians

Indiana lawmakers have proposed a bill Monday that would allow workers to choose their own physicians to treat their workplace injury or occupational disease. H.B. 1339 would allow workers to choose their own attending physician and require employers or their insurers to reimburse the chosen health care provider for the treatment of the compensable injury or illness. The bill states…

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Illinois comp bill aims to tackle ‘excessive’ insurer profits

A bill introduced Wednesday in Illinois would make several changes to the state’s workers compensation code, including introducing protocols for investigating insurer premiums and changing the way cumulative trauma is covered. H.B. 218 would amend the Employer’s Liability Rates Article of the Illinois insurance law, to state that “a premium is excessive if it is likely to produce a profit…

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Suit alleges Monsanto, other Sauget region industries exposed tradesman to toxic chemicals

Monsanto and more than a dozen other companies with current or former facilities in the Sauget region are being sued by the estate of a former tradesman alleging his exposure to toxic chemicals led to his death. Patricia Bishop, individually and as special representative of the Estate of Larry Bishop, filed a complaint Dec. 23 in the Madison County Circuit…

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Mandatory vaccine policies may have workers comp implications

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has begun in health care and senior living facilities across the U.S., and employers in many industries are eagerly awaiting the chance to have their employees vaccinated against the coronavirus. However, employers must balance their desire for a safe workplace with the risks of requiring vaccinations and the potential workers compensation implications if a worker experiences…

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Bill would presume workers on government projects are employees

An Indiana bill filed Monday would assume that the workers of general contractors or subcontractors performing government-support projects are employees for workers compensation and tax purposes. S.B. 126 would amend state laws to establish a presumption that workers providing labor on government projects are employees unless the contractor or subcontractor can provide proof they are properly classified as an independent…

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Lawmakers seek to track, investigate worker misclassification

Lawmakers in Indiana are slated Thursday to consider legislation that would call on several state agencies to study worker misclassification. H.B. 1132 would require the Department of State Revenue, the State Department of Labor, the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana, and the Department of Workforce Development to report before Sept. 1 and through 2024 to the state’s Interim Study Committee…

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Woman allegedly slipped on wet paint in McDonald’s parking lot

A woman claims she slipped on wet paint in the parking lot at an Alton McDonald’s. Cheryl Snipes filed a complaint Dec. 10 in the Madison County Circuit Court against McDonald’s Corporation, alleging negligence. According to the complaint, Snipes was at the McDonald’s restaurant on Homer Adams Parkway in Alton on March 9. She alleges that as she walked from…

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