Metro train conductor claims motorist caused collision at East St. Louis railroad crossing

The conductor of a Metro Train has filed a negligence lawsuit after a motorist collided with the train when he ran a railroad crossing.

Plaintiff Georgedella Haynes-Lane filed the lawsuit in the St. Clair County Circuit Court against Timothy Wells and Curtis McCall, citing negligence.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was the operator of a Metro Train and approaching a crossing on 59th street in East. St. Louis on April 4, 2021. At that time, Wells was driving a truck owned by McCall and approaching the same crossing. The lawsuit alleges that instead of slowing down, Wells tried to beat the train and ending up colliding with it, injuring the plaintiff.

The lawsuit states that Wells negligently failed to operate his vehicle with care to avoid a collision. The lawsuit adds that Wells has a history of violating the rules of the road.

As the owner of the vehicle, McCall is named in the lawsuit for negligently entrusting his vehicle to Wells.

Haynes-Lane states that she has sustained severe and permanent injuries, which have caused her to experience significant pain and suffering. She claims her injuries will affect her ability to enjoy normal activities in the future.

The plaintiff is demanding a jury trial to seek damages in excess of $50,000, plus court costs and any other relief the court deems proper.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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