Customer sues Granite City restaurant Smokey Joe’s Tavern over defective porch

Smokey Joe’s Tavern is being sued by Illinois resident Debra Dunn for negligence leading to severe injury.

According to the official court filing, Dunn was an invitee of Smokey Joe’s on August 28 and suffered severe and life-changing injuries due to the restaurant’s porch being in a poor and dangerous state, constituting “an unreasonable risk of harm”. The filing claims that the porch’s hazardous condition existed long enough for Smokey Joe’s to know about it. Dunn claims she was acting reasonably and in consideration of her own safety.

The suit alleges Smokey Joe’s had a duty to all members of the public, including Dunn, to provide safe access to the restaurant and to keep the immediate surroundings in a reasonably safe condition. However, Smokey Joe’s allegedly failed in its duty by failing to safely maintain the porch; failing to remove, remedy, or repair the porch; failing to warn the public of the danger presented by the porch; failing to barricade or otherwise prevent the public from using the porch; and failing to inspect the area for potential hazards.

Due to the aforementioned alleged acts, Dunn claims to have suffered progressive, painful, and traumatic injuries.

She is now suing Smokey Joe’s on one count of negligence and is seeking financial compensation greater than or equal to $50,000 in addition to the costs of the suit and any further relief that the court deems appropriate.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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