Wrongful death suit alleges HSHS St. John’s Hospital provided negligent care

Sharon Bennett, the special representative for deceased Illinois resident Kim Miller, is suing HSHS St. John’s Hospital for a death allegedly caused by a lack of appropriate medical care.

According to the court filing, Miller was treated by St. John’s doctor Jaren Benard in 2021. Bennett claims Benard allegedly failed to comply with the appropriate standard of care deemed necessary for Miller, who later died.

Bennett is seeking financial compensation in an amount greater than or equal to $50,000.

The St. John’s website describes it as a regional medical center located in Springfield that offers various healthcare services to central and southern Illinois. The hospital was founded in 1875 and houses other facilities such as the Prairie Heart Institute and the St. John’s Children’s Hospital.

“So you will receive the best health care possible, we are committed to: treating you and your family with dignity and respect; facilitating interaction between you, your family, and the medical team to better understand each other’s needs and concerns; and helping you and your family participate in your care to the level you desire,” the website reads. “Advanced technology enables us to share valuable health care information with you and your family, and we hope you find our website to be an important health care resource in your home.”

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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