Woman injured in I-90 crash that killed passenger accuses Walmart of improperly installing tire

A motorist is blaming Walmart for a fatal crash that allegedly happened after her vehicle’s front tire was changed at Walmart but “deflated and came entirely off the rim,” as she drove on Interstate 90, causing two vehicles to slam into her car.

Carlota Brinson filed a complaint on Sept. 5 in Cook County Circuit Court against Walmart and Matthew Munz, the driver of the vehicle that struck her disabled car. She claims the defendants failed to follow applicable safety guidelines and regulations. She is alleging wrongful death in the accident, which killed a passenger who was traveling with the plaintiff.

Also named as defendants are Tire Tracks, Jeg Salve Auto Parts and Recycling, B&H Auto Parks Recycling and Sales, and Jack Gogola.

The plaintiff alleges that, on March 23, 2017, she was driving along Interstate 90 in northwest suburban Kane County with passengeer Julian Brinson, when the front passenger tire of her motor vehicle, that was replaced the same day by defendant Tire Tracks at Walmart, suddenly deflated and came entirely off the rim.

She alleged her vehicle suddenly stopped. Defendants Munz and Gogola struck her car. As a result of the collision, the plaintiff suffered severe shocks, bruises, lacerations, great pain and impairment, while Brinson sustained severe fatal injuries leading to his death.

The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks judgment against defendants for more than $50,000, and costs of suit.

This article was first published by Cook County Record.

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