Woman alleges injuries from rough ambulance ride, sues the city

A woman is suing Collinsville, claiming she was injured during an ambulance ride.

Antia Roybal filed the lawsuit July 2 in Madison County Circuit against the City of Collinsville, alleging negligence.

According to the complaint, Roybal sought medical transport from her Collinsville home to Anderson Hospital in Maryville on July 9, 2019, after falling in her home. She claims she was not properly secured inside the ambulance. She also alleges the operators of the ambulance transporting her drove too fast, failed to stay in the correct lane and struck a curb but were not driving with lights or sirens.

As a result, Roybal claims she struck various “components” inside the vehicle and suffered “enhanced” injuries above and beyond those she suffered when she slipped and fell in her home, including injuries to her face, head, neck, arms and related areas.

The plaintiff argues that the city, as controllers of the ambulance service, had a duty to properly secure her during the trip to the hospital.

Roybal claims the city’s agents also failed to provide an adequate number of personnel for the trip and that the vehicle was operated in a careless and reckless manner.

She claims the conduct was “willful and wanton.”

The plaintiff is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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