Trucking company, driver, sued following collision

A trucking company and its driver face accusations of negligence over a crash that allegedly caused injuries to another motorist.

Thomas Ritchie filed suit Nov. 18 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Olero Inc. and driver Ilkhom Islomov in connection with the collision on Dec. 20, 2017, eastbound on I-64 close to the intersection with Rieder Road.

Defendant Olero is identified as the owner of a 2017 Volvo L6 tractor and trailer driven by Islomov, an employee.

The two defendants had a duty to “act in a reasonably careful manner so as to not injure or damage the persons or property of plaintiffs and others.”

Olero is accused of negligently and carelessly failing “to adequately and properly inspect, maintain and repair its tractor’s equipment and systems including but not limited to its brakes, brake components, brake signals, and horn.” The company is further accused of permitting Islomov to operate the vehicle.

The commercial vehicle struck Ritchie’s auto, which “caused and will in the future cause him: severe, numerous, and permanent personal injuries and pain and suffering as a result of multiple injuries to his body; loss of his normal life; to obtain medical care to treat his injuries thereby becoming indebted for same; disfigurement; and has in the past, and will in the future,” The plaintiff is seeking more than $50,000.

Olero is also alleged to have committed a “willful and wanton” action by recklessly permitting Islomov to operate the vehicle when it allegedly knew his alertness was impaired by fatigue, illness or some other cause.

Islomov failed to report malfunctioning or damaged equipment including the brakes, according to the suit, which adds that he also did not keep a careful lookout or reduce his speed to avoid a collision.

This article was first published by Madison Record.

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