Sycamore Speedway sued after race car strikes pedestrian in pit area

A spectator at the Sycamore Speedway car race track has filed a lawsuit against the stock car racing company and driver Timothy Erjavac after he was allegedly struck by a racing car in the pit stop area.

Ryan Muir filed a complaint on Aug. 20 in Cook County Circuit Court, alleging the defendants caused or allowed the pit stop area of the race track to be unsafe for patrons.

The plaintiff alleges that, on Aug. 19, 2016, he was in the pit stop section of the Speedway, in Maple Park in far western Kane County, as a spectator, having paid an additional premium on his ticket to watch the races from there. During a heat, defendant Erjavac drove into the pit stop area and subsequently struck Muir, allegedly causing him to sustain serious injuries.

The plaintiff alleges that defendant Erjavac failed to maintain control of his vehicle to avoid colliding with a pedestrian on the race track.

The plaintiff seeks more than $30,000.00 plus costs of suit.

This article was first published by Cook County Record.

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