Suit alleges man was crushed by machinery while performing maintenance

Lisa Mattern of Albers seeks damages from the manufacturer of a foundry machine that crushed husband Mark Mattern at Century Brass Works in Swansea in 2022.

Mattern’s counsel Matthew Chapman of Granite City filed a wrongful death complaint against Roberts Sinto Corporation at St. Clair County Circuit Court in December.

Chapman claimed a mold lifter began moving while Mattern performed maintenance under it.

He claimed the machine was unreasonably dangerous and defective.

He added that a guard was installed after Mattern died to prevent access to a pinch and crush point he encountered.

Roberts Sinto counsel James Morris of St. Louis removed the complaint to U.S. district court on Feb. 15 on the basis of diversity jurisdiction as a Michigan citizen.

The court clerk randomly assigned Magistrate Judge Gilbert Sison.

If a party declines consent to magistrate jurisdiction the clerk will assign a district judge.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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