Student sues Armijo, district for ’emblem’ injury

An Armijo High School student sued his school and the Fairfield-Suisun district Wednesday seeking at least $25,000 for injuries he claims to have sustained after he slipped and fell Sept. 30, 2015.

Darrius Parnell’s lawsuit claims he was walking across the campus quad between his third- and fourth-period classes and slipped on the painted emblem on the ground of the school’s Native American mascot.

The lawsuit pins blame for the accident on school and district employees who had recently painted the school emblem on the ground. The recent paint made the emblem “unreasonably slippery when wet creating a dangerous condition on public property,” the lawsuit claims.

It was rainy on the day of the incident.

The extent of Parnell’s injuries were not detailed in the lawsuit. However, seven weeks after his fall, Parnell was able to perform in a school comedy-mystery play.

District officials do not comment on pending lawsuits.

Solano County Superior Court Judge Harry S. Kinnicutt is set to first consider the lawsuit at an April hearing.

This article was first published in Daily Republic.

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