Railway worker alleges injuries from overturned truck

A railway worker alleges he was injured when a truck turned over due to his employer’s negligence.

Anthony Koenig filed suit June 2 in Madison County Circuit Court against Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis. His suit was filed under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act.

Koenig, a track man for the company, claims he was injured while dumping rock at an un-named yard. The hydraulics failed in the truck and it turned over, according to the suit.

Terminal Railroad is accused of failing to provide safe and suitable equipment to do the work and failing to provide the “necessary and proper equipment,” the suit claims.

Koenig claims the company “failed to warn of hazardous conditions” contained in the truck, allowed “unsafe practices to become the standard practice,” and failed to repair and maintain the truck to make sure it would not overturn.

According to the complaint, Koenig suffered severe and permanent injuries to his back, neck, left shoulder and body, which will “cause him great pain and anguish.” He has suffered a disability and loss of a normal life, it is alleged.

The plaintiff claims he has lost money and earnings and has paid out money for medical expenses.

Koenig is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

This article was first published by The Madison Record.

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