Parties Must Submit Email Addresses Before Notices Start July 2

Beginning July 2, all parties in workers’ compensation claims cases will receive notice through electronic means, so the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission needs updated email addresses, the commission announced this week.

The commission will no longer send notices via mail after July 2. It’s part of a modernization effort by the commission to streamline operations and close down massive warehouses that store paper records, officials said.

Attorneys and claimants representing themselves can submit email addresses with a form available at the commission’s website. Even if a party already has an address on file with the agency, the commission is building its database anew and asks that email addresses be submitted again. Attorneys should submit only their firm’s email address, not individual lawyers’ addresses.

The only exception to the all-electronic effort is for respondent parties at the time the case is initially filed, which will also receive paper notice through the mail, the commission said.

This article was first published by WorkCompCentral.

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