Motorist sues TA Operating, driver over Route 111 collision

A couple is suing TA Operating claiming one of its employees negligently caused a collision that resulted in injuries.

Lynnetta Byrd and Demetrice Leonard filed a complaint Sept. 22 in the Madison County Circuit Court against TA Operating LLC and Ian Reker, alleging negligence.

According to their complaint, Byrd and Demetrice were traveling on Illinois Route 111 on Aug. 14. They allege that as they attempted to make a right turn onto another road, Reker, who was driving a vehicle owned by his employer TA Operating, “smashed” into the rear of the plaintiffs’ vehicle.

Byrd and Demetrice claim Reker negligently failed to keep “a careful lookout,” failed to reduce his speed, failed to change directions, and failed to “sound a horn to avoid the collision.”

The plaintiffs also claim TA Operating negligently failed to “exercise ordinary care in its hiring” and training of its employees. They also claim the company “overlooked items” that should have disqualified Reker from becoming an employee.

Byrd and Demetrice allege that Reker’s failure to operate the vehicle “in a safe manner” led to their suffering injuries that required emergency medical care, rehabilitation and caused them to incur medical bills.

The plaintiffs seek monetary relief of more than $50,000, plus interest and all other proper relief.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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