Motorist alleges vehicle struck unsecured manhole cover in Cahokia

A woman alleges she suffered multiple injuries after driving over an unlocked and unsecured manhole cover in the Village of Cahokia.

Laveta Horace filed a complaint Jan. 22 in the St. Clair County Circuit Court against Village of Cahokia, alleging negligence.

According to her suit, Horace was driving her vehicle northbound on Ellen Street near the intersections of St. Stephens Drive and Richard Drive in Cahokia on May, 17, 2020. She alleges that her car hit a manhole in the street, which caused her to suffer injuries to her tooth, neck, back, and elbow. She allegedly suffered soft tissue injuries to her muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. In addition, she alleges she has suffered lost wages and “impairment of future earning capacity.”

Horace claims the Village of Cahokia is negligent for failing to maintain its premises in a safe condition, failing to lock or secure the manhole covers in the area and failing to inspect the premises.

Horace seeks monetary relief of more than $50,000 and all other just relief.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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