Man sues railroad alleging chemical exposure caused lung cancer

A Jefferson County man is suing Illinois Central Railroad, claiming he was exposed to chemicals on the job that caused lung cancer.

According to the suit filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court, plaintiff Robert Payne claims he “was exposed to and inhaled harmful, hazardous and toxic chemicals, agents,
fumes, particles and substances, including but not limited to diesel exhaust, diesel fumes, creosote, chemicals, asbestos, chlorinated hydrocarbons, degreasing agents, fuel oil, herbicides and other hazardous compounds and agents.”

Payne was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2019, the suit states.

During his employment at the railroad, Payne alleges he was required to work “without proper respiratory protective equipment and/or adequate protective equipment and
without knowledge and/or adequate knowledge that his unprotected work environment exposures created an increased risk for Plaintiff’s acquisition of injury, disease and illness,” the suit claims.

Payne claims he worked at the railroad from 1965-2007, mainly as an engineer based out of Centralia.

He seeks unspecified damages and a trial by jury.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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