Lawsuit filed against Hayden Wrecking Corporation over worker’s alleged injury

Hayden Wrecking Corporation has been named in a lawsuit filed by an employee who claims he suffered physically harmed a third-party truck driver during a job in August.

Hayden hired B Garcia Trucking drivers to assist in removing materials from a property owned by Hayden. One of the drivers, Shanley Smith, was returning to commence his third hauling and was rolling back the tarp on the Hayden-owned truck using a crank. During this time, a Hayden employee began to dump heavy amounts of material onto the truck, striking the tarp and causing the crank to “violently strike” Smith’s left arm.

As a result of the incident, Smith claims he suffered permanent injuries to his arm and wrist. He and his wife Lee Ann are seeking $50,000 in damages from Hayden.

The complaint states that Smith was provided a faulty truck and he was not given many instructions on how to properly operate the vehicle. Hayden is accused of being “careless” and “negligent” for failing to create a “safe work environment.”

The suit also stated that hauling services are not a usual component of Hayden’s regular business.

Hayden was contacted but was unavailable for comment.

This article was first published by Madison Record.

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