Drywall worker sues Mascoutah property owner over fall down stairs

A drywall worker is suing a Mascoutah property owner, claiming he was injured on the job.

In the lawsuit, plaintiff Daniel Guffey claims he was hired by Alice Vance to install drywall on West Main St in Mascoutah.

Guffey claims a previous worker had left sand in a poorly lit staircase inside the house.

“The improperly removed sand created a dangerous, hazardous, and/or defective condition about the premises,” the suit states. “Plaintiff stepped on to the stairs to begin his work, he suddenly was caused to slip on the unremoved sand, which was unseen as a result of the inadequate lighting, and proceeded to fall down the stairs, severely injuring his legs.”

As a result, Guffey claims he suffered serious, painful and permanent injuries to his legs, including fractures and nerve damage.

Guffey seeks more than $50,000 in damages.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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