Delivery driver sues Prairie Farms Dairy over alleged slip and fall

A delivery driver has filed a negligence lawsuit against Prairie Farms Dairy after alleging slipping and injuring himself on the premises.

Plaintiff Michael Maddox filed a lawsuit in the Madison County Circuit Court against Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc., citing negligence and carelessness.

According to the lawsuit, Maddox was a delivery driver and was carrying out the duties of his job delivering milk to Prairie Farms Dairy on Dec. 7, 2020. The lawsuit states that before Maddox made his delivery, the defendant had directed other delivery truck drivers to clean their trucks in the delivery bay using soap, allegedly leaving the delivery bay floor slippery when Maddox arrived to make his delivery. Maddox claims the defendant instructed him to use the delivery bay to make his delivery. While he was making his delivery, he allegedly stepped on a slippery drain cover causing him to slip and fall. As a result, he claims he suffered serious injuries.

According to Maddox, the defendants negligently failed to properly maintain the premises, causing the plaintiff to carry out his job duties in an unsafe area.

Maddox claims he has sustained severe injuries, which have caused him to endure pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages. He alleges his injuries will impact his ability to enjoy normal daily activities and earn income in the future. The plaintiff also adds that as a result of his injuries, he has incurred medical costs and will continue to require medical care to recover from his injuries.

The plaintiff is demanding a jury trial to seek damages, plus court costs and any other relief the court deems proper.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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