Collinsville sued for poor upkeep of Gateway Convention Center leading to serious injury

Missouri resident Mary Wllie is suing the City of Collinsville doing business as Gateway Convention Center for indirectly causing her serious injury.

On July 9, 2022, Willie was in the convention center as an invitee attending a convention. During that time, Willie tripped and fell on convention area flooring that was buckled and uneven.

According to the official case filing, Collinsville had a responsibility to keep and maintain the convention center premises in a reasonably safe condition for its invitees. However, Collinsville has been accused of committing the following negligent acts: failing to inspect the premises to learn of the presence of any dangerous conditions; causing or allowing a dangerous condition to exist despite having a duty to know of such a condition’s presence; failing to provide any type of warning for its customers regarding the unsafe condition of the convention center; and showing otherwise careless and negligent behavior in the operation of the convention center.

Due to the aforementioned breaches of responsibility, Willie sustained serious, permanent, and disabling injuries. She has also received medical expenses and will continue to incur them indefinitely.

Willie is seeking financial compensation in an amount no lower than $50,000, as well as any other rewards that the Court may find reasonable.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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