Accused of Stalking, Worker Gets $26,000 in Settlement for Carpal Tunnel Injury

A former worker for Rock Island County, Illinois, once accused of accessing a co-worker’s computer, will receive thousands of dollars in a settlement with the county, including almost $26,000 for a workers’ compensation claim.

Rock Island County board members this week approved the settlement, on the condition that Ronna Baney never seeks work with the county again, according to a local news report.

Baney, 55, an employee at the county’s public defender’s office, filed a claim for carpal tunnel syndrome that required surgery. The settlement provides $32,757, about $6,500 of which will go to Baney’s attorney, $376 to medical bills, and $25,829 for wage-loss benefits to Baney.

The case gained local media attention after a coworker last year filed for an order of protection from Baney, the local newspaper reported. The worker set up a camera that showed Baney sitting at the worker’s desk and using her computer to check messages.

The worker voluntarily dropped her petition in April. Baney retired from the public defender’s office on Oct. 31.

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