Woman sues Alton over trip, fall outside bridal shop

A woman is suing the City of Alton after she allegedly tripped on an uneven sidewalk while leaving a downtown bridal shop.

According to the lawsuit, plaintiff Danielle Conn claims she was leaving Frew’s Bridal on Piasa Street in Alton when she allegedly fell in a “depressed area” of the sidewalk and fractured her ankle.

Conn claims the city knew or should have known that the slope in the sidewalk was dangerous, which allegedly caused her to “trip and fall violently to the ground.”

Conn alleges she suffered injuries to her leg, foot and ankle which “caused and will continue to cause” pain and will prevent her from “attending to her usual affairs and duties.” She claims she will be forced to spend “large sums of money in endeavoring to be cured of said injuries,” according to the suit.

Conn seeks damages of more than $50,000.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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