Walmart faces lawsuit after man allegedly slips and falls while working

A contractor who slipped and fell while working at a Walmart store has filed suit against the retail company.

Russell Korgis filed suit Feb. 12 in Madison County Circuit Court against the company over the alleged fall on Feb. 14, 2018, at a store on N. Allen Road in Peoria. The suit states that the defendant is doing business in Madison County.

The plaintiff states he fell on dry ice in a storage room at the store, which resulted in injuries to left knee, left wrist and left shoulder.

“Safety is a top priority and we expect everyone to have safe and enjoyable shopping experience with us,” said Randy Hargrove, a communications specialist with Walmart. “We do take these matters seriously.”

Hargrove added that the company will defend against the action and that if the venue is found to be improper, that will be raised.

The lawsuit details how Korgis was working as an employee on a job remodeling parts of the Walmart store. He was under the supervision of employees of the company, the suit states. He was instructed to place an L-cart in a storage room where groceries were kept, according to the filing.

Korgis allegedly slipped and fell on the dry ice as he pushed a cart while entering the grocery storage area through a set of swinging doors, the lawsuit states. In his claim for negligence, Korgis states that the defendant failed to clear the area, failed to warn, and failed to monitor or inspect.

Korgis claims he suffered severe and permanent injuries to his body, has lost enjoyment in life, has incurred medical expenses and lost wages.

The plaintiff is seeking more than $50,000.

This article was first published by Madison Record.

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