Refinery laborer burned in explosion sues Phillips 66

A laborer who suffered second degree burns during an explosion at a Phillips 66 refinery is accusing the company of negligence.

Michael Clark filed a complaint Feb. 1 in the Madison County Circuit Court against Phillips 66 Company, alleging negligence.

According to his complaint, Clark was working as a laborer for GRP/Wegman at Phillips 66’s South Roxana refinery distilling unit on Feb. 10, 2019.

Clark alleges that as “start-up activities” began after the turnaround maintenance was done on the distilling unit, there was a fiery explosion. He claims the explosion caused him to suffer second degree burns to his face, numbness in his upper lip, tenderness and tingling in his nose as well as phycological injuries due to the explosion.

Clark claims Phillips 66 and its agents “improperly” sent light hydrocarbons from the distilling unit to the debutainzer and failed to place a tube side section for the vent exchanger back into service. Clark further claims Phillips and its agents failed to consider the potential of an explosion and the release of toxic chemicals and fumes, failed to follow other proper procedures, failed to inspect the equipment and devices and failed to warn of the dangerous work area.

Clark seeks compensation of more than $50,000 and all other just relief.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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