Patron sues Indianapolis Motor Speedway over alleged Snake Pit injuries

A concertgoer who attended last May’s Snake Pit event during the Indianapolis 500 weekend is suing Indianapolis Motor Speedway LLC after allegedly being hit in the head by a glass bottle during the festivities.

The lawsuit was filed Monday on behalf of Taylor A. Brown in Marion Superior Court. The suit was first filed in Monroe Circuit Court on April 12 but was dismissed on Tuesday at the request of Brown’s attorney, who noted that is was accidentally filed in the wrong court.

Brown is represented by Bradford J. Smith of the Ken Nunn Law Office.

According to the complaint, Brown was in the Snake Pit on May 28, 2023 and was hit in the head by a glass bottle thrown by an unknown person. The lawsuit says Brown suffered pain, scarring and disfigurement.

In its rules and regulations, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway prohibits patrons from bringing glass containers onto the Speedway grounds. The Speedway did not immediately respond to IL’s request for comment.

Brown claims it was the Speedway’s job keep patrons safe on its grounds and is accusing it of not having properly trained security guards to ensure prohibited items weren’t brought into the event.

Brown is seeking compensation from IMS to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other special expenses as well as future medical expenses and court costs.

The case is Taylor A Brown v. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, LLC, 49D04-2404-CT-016768.

This article was first published in The Indiana Lawyer.

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