Patient sues dentist over failed extraction

A Madison County woman has sued a local dentist over a failed tooth extraction.

In the lawsuit, Michelle Carmichael claims the dentist, Richard Boatman Jr., started to pull one of her teeth on April 11, 2018, but then stopped before completing the procedure. The tooth was loosened but not extracted, the suit alleges.

Boatman allegedly failed to advise her of the dangers of a failed dental extraction. Carmichael was forced to obtain additional dental and medical treatment as a result of Boatman’s negligence, according to the complaint.

“Boatman held himself out to the public and particularly plaintiff as being a skilled and competent dentist and able to treat plaintiff for the conditions which she had suffered,” the suit states.

Carmichael claims Boatman did not perform a comprehensive exam before and after the procedure, nor did he obtain informed consent from Boatman for the extraction.

After the extraction failed, Boatman did not try to remedy the damage nor did he refer her to another dentists for treatment, Carmichael claims.

“In treating plaintiff, Boatman had a duty to exercise due care and skill as was customary for similarly qualified dentists rendering similar treatment in the community,” the complaints states.

Carmichael seeks $50,000 in damages for “severe and permanent injures” including damage to her sinus, and emotional damage.

This article was first published by Madison Record.

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