Patient allegedly suffered third degree burns during MRI

A patient claims he suffered third degree burns while undergoing an MRI because a cable was placed across his arm during the procedure.

The lawsuit was filed in the Madison County Circuit Court by plaintiff Sean M. Carnell against BrightWay Imaging.

According to the complaint, Carnell underwent an MRI procedure at BrightWay Imaging on May 20, 2022. During the procedure, the defendant’s employees alelgedly placed a cable across the plaintiff’s arm, causing him to sustain third-degree burns, blistering and scarring to his left arm.

Carnell claims his injuries required reconstruction surgery and skin grafts, causing permanent disability and necessitating future medical treatment.

Carnell accuses BrightWay Imaging of negligence for placing the cable across his arm during the procedure and failing to remove it or inform him about the potential risks.

He is seeking compensation in excess of $50,000 for medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of normal life experience, emotional distress, disfigurement due to personal injury, wage loss damages and other pecuniary expenses.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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