Mother blames Lurie Children’s Hospital for newborn son’s injuries

A mother is suing Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and others, citing alleged medical negligence.

Kris Gonzalez, individually and as mother of her son, and Juan Gonzalez filed a complaint June 14 in Cook County Circuit Court, alleging the defendants failed to provide her son with appropriate emergency room care, treatment and supervision to treat his condition.

According to the complaint, her son was admitted to the defendants’ hospital on May 8, 2010, because he was born at 24 weeks. During his time at the hospital, the boy’s flow sheets allegedly indicated a continued significant irritation of his nostrils, and he was documented as having a breakdown of the septum.

As a result, the plaintiffs said the boy has been left with permanent columellar tissue loss and has endured multiple plastic surgery procedures.

The plaintiffs allege the defendants failed to appropriately and timely monitor the patient’s nostrils while he was receiving nasal prong CPAP therapy and failed to treat the irritation before it progressed to necrosis.

The plaintiffs request a trial by jury and seek a judgment greater than $50,000.

This article was first published by Cook County Record.

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