Man alleges e-cigarette lithium battery exploded, causing third degree burns

A man is suing LG and a Swansea Vape store after a lithium-ion battery in an e-cigarette allegedly exploded and caught fire, causing him to suffer third degree burns.

Eric Boeving filed a complaint Nov. 23 in the St. Clair County Circuit Court against Cloud 9 Vapor Lounge LG Chem America Inc., and LG Chem Ltd., alleging products liability, breach of implied warranty, negligent misrepresentation and violation of the Magnuson-Moss Act.

According to the complaint, Boeving purchased an E-CIG VooPOO Drag and an LG low drain battery from Cloud 9 located in Swansea. He alleges that on Nov. 22, 2018, the e-cigarette was placed next to him when the battery “suddenly and without warning” exploded and caught on fire. The plaintiff alleges he suffered third degree burns to his left thigh and suffered internal and external injuries that are “severe, permanent and life-altering.”

Boeving alleges that the defendants failed to warn him of the “foreseeable risks” relating to the use of the e-cigarette and the “specific charging systems and proper charging methods.” He also claims the defendants failed to warn that the LG battery “had the propensity to explode or violently fail” during use and that it was not designed to be used with e-cigarettes or vaping devices.

Boeving seeks compensation of more than $50,000 and all other just relief.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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