Instructor’s Comp Claim Rejected Following Classroom Attack

A Chicago State University instructor said a claims examiner rejected his workers’ comp claim for injuries he suffered when a man attacked him during an accounting class.

Richard Arredondo, 62, said he suffered back, neck and emotional injuries from the attack on April 25.

A man entered the classroom and began staring at female students, WBBM Newsradio reported. The intruder reportedly whipped Arredondo around by his arm after the instructor stepped between the man and the students.

Arredondo said he pushed the intruder onto a folding table, and the man then fled.

The claims examiner said Arredondo’s injuries did not seem to be related to his work at Chicago State.

WBBM quoted a denial letter that read, “Your claim for benefits does not appear to have arisen out of and in the course of your employment with State of Illinois. We are denying your claim for medical and/or indemnity benefits.”

Arredondo has hired a lawyer to challenge the claim denial.

This article was first published by Work Comp Central.

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