Indiana House passes bill modifying comp timelines

The Indiana House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation Tuesday to modify several workers compensation timelines.

S.B. 269, which also unanimously passed the Senate in late January, would require workers compensation insurer or the employer of the injured worker to file report of payment of compensation for claims with the state’s workers compensation board within 14 days. Current law allows for 15 days for the employer or insurer to file a compensation agreement. The legislation would also require an employer notify certain employees of its intent to terminate a worker’s disability benefits and to file an electronic notice with the state board, whereas current law only requires notice for cases that fall outside of the state’s statutes.

The bill would modify compensation amounts for visual impairments occurring on or after July 1, 1991, to be based on a whole person rating, rather than on an amount proportional to the degree of permanent reduction without glasses as is currently the law.

Finally, the bill would reduce the number of years that all records related to workers compensation for occupational disease must be retained from 45 years to 35 years, and would allow the board to dispose of all files two years after the termination of the compensation period.

The House on Tuesday also unanimously passed S.B. 258, which the board of firefighting personnel standards and education to establish best practices to improve safety and health for firefighters and allow the workers compensation rating bureau of Indiana to provide a premium or rate discount toward workers compensation insurance to municipalities and volunteer fire departments that implement the best practices.

The legislation also unanimously passed the state’s Senate in early February.

This article was first published by Business Insurance.

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