Illinois Candy Company Fined $485K for Workplace Injuries

A Chicago-area candy company has been fined nearly $500,000 for workplace injuries, including a fingertip amputation, federal regulators said.

The incidents occurred at Ferrara Candy in Bellwood, Ill.

An employee lost a fingertip in January. Another worker was caught in a machine in March.

“Proper safety procedures, including machine guarding and the effective lockout of all sources of energy, could have prevented these employees’ injuries,” said Angeline Loftus of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known as OSHA.

Ferrara’s products include Lemonheads, Red Hots and Keebler cookies. The company plans to meet with OSHA on July 23 to discuss the $485,000 penalty and other issues raised by the government.

“Ferrara will, as appropriate, follow the administrative procedures that are provided for the review of OSHA citations such as these. … We take occupational health and safety seriously and recognize that maintaining a safe work environment requires constant improvement,” said Sarah Kittel, head of corporate affairs.

This article was first published in Insurance Journal.

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