Healthcare facility sued after resident fell out of wheelchair, allegedly suffered fatal injuries

A man is suing a Madison County healthcare facility after his mother fell out of a wheelchair, suffered injuries to her head and face and died about a week later.

Dennis W. Davis, special administrator of the Estate of Glenda S. Davis, deceased, filed a complaint May 5 in the Madison County Circuit Court against University Care Center LLC, alleging wrongful death.

According to his complaint, Davis’ mother, Glenda Davis, was a resident of University Care Center, which is a healthcare facility for “adult and physically disabled patients.” He claims that on Feb. 7, his mother was in a wheelchair when she “fell out or became dislodged” and hit her head and face on the floor. Davis alleges that as a result of her fall, his mother suffered injuries which ultimately led to her death on Feb. 15.

He alleges that University Care Center was negligent for failing to properly supervise and attend to his mother. He further claims University Care failed to have adequate equipment and facilities and failed to properly train its staff or take safety precautions that would have prevented his mother’s fall.

Davis seeks compensation of more than $50,000, interest and all other proper relief.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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