Former Freeburg High School student sues over alleged table saw injuries

Freeburg Community High School District is being sued after a former student allegedly injured his hand with a table saw.

According to the lawsuit, plaintiff Cole Huelsmann claims he was acting as an assistant in an industrial arts class in November 2021. He was cutting wood when his “right hand met the blade of the saw, causing Cole severe injuries.”

Huelsmann claims the school district “has an affirmative duty to provide equipment that is safe and adequate, as well as furnish equipment to prevent serious injury.” He also alleges the school district “failed to exercise ordinary care to maintain its school property, the table saw, in reasonably safe condition and furnish safe and adequate equipment.”

Huelsmann allegedly suffered “severe, permanent, and progressive injuries including to, inter alia, his right hand, and fingers on his right hand,” which required medical care and attention, the suit states.

“He has incurred medical expenses and will continue to incur medical expenses in the future,” the lawsuit states. “He has experienced great physical and mental pain and suffering in the past and will continue to experience physical and mental pain and suffering in the future. He has lost enjoyment of life in the past and will continue to suffer lost enjoyment of life in the future.”

Huelsmann seeks more than $50,000 in damages.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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