Employee sues Walmart over slip, fall at supercenter

A Walmart employee is suing the retailer after she allegedly slipped and fell on a puddle of water.

Stephanie Mosley filed the suit March 25 in Madison County Circuit Court against Walmart.

According to her complaint, Mosley claims she was working at the Walmart Supercenter on Feb. 14, 2020. She claims she was walking in an area of the supercenter open to the public when the incident occurred.

She claims to have slipped and fallen in the water, which it is alleged the defendant, through its agents, knew was on the floor.

“Safety is a top priority and we expect everyone to have safe and enjoyable…experience with us. We will review the complaint and respond as appropriate,” Walmart has previously said in a statement to the Record regarding a slip and fall in another store.

The defendant allegedly owed a duty to the plaintiff to exercise ordinary care to keep its premises in a “reasonably safe condition.”

The plaintiff alleges the defendant was “negligent and careless” for failing to warn of a slippery condition which it knew or should have known existed. Further, she claims that the defendant allowed the condition to exist on the floor.

Mosley states she suffered injuries to her left shoulder, arm, and hand. She claims she endured pain and suffering in the past, and will continue to suffer in the future, according to the suit.

She has also spent money on medical expenses and will continue to do so, according to the complaint.

This article was first published by Insurance Journal.

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