Crew member alleges injuries while working aboard marine vessel

A SCF Lewis and Clark Fleeting crew member claims he was injured while working on a marine vessel in Granite City.

Ray W. Bowler II filed a lawsuit in the Madison County Circuit Court against SCF Lewis and Clark Fleeting LLC, and Canton Marine Towing, Inc., alleging negligence, unseaworthiness and maintenance and cure.

According to the lawsuit, Bowler was employed by SCF Lewis and Clark Fleeting as a member of the crew of the M/V Velda Taylor. He claims the marine vessel was on the Mississippi River near Granite City on Feb. 16, 2019. They were putting a barge into toe for a vessel operated by the defendant when another crew member allegedly shoved a strap without warning. Bowler was holding the ratchet handle, which caused him to jerk and injure his left arm, wrist and hand.

Bowler alleges SCF Lewis and Clark Fleeting was negligent in providing the plaintiff with a reasonably safe place to work including inspection of the operations conducted and property belonging to others before exposing plaintiff to hazards; providing adequate training and assistance to perform job duties safely; failing to warn plaintiff of any dangers in the workplace; providing reasonably safe tools, equipment and methods of work; providing sufficient, competent and adequate assistance in supervision; failing to inspect the rigging and equipment; providing effective and adequate means of communication; providing effective and adequate means of communication in order to coordinate the work; providing adequate assistance, supervision and safe method of work; providing sufficient training to perform job duties safely and shoving the strap without warning.

Bowler claims he was caused to suffer injuries and trauma to his left arm, wrist, hand, shoulder, neck and spine. He also claims he lost earnings, lost earning capacity, suffered disability, endured pain and suffering, and incurred medical and hospital expenses and future expenses.

Bowler seeks a judgment of no less that $45.00 per day and for reasonable maintenance, cost of medical expenses, cost of court, attorney’s fees, punitive damages, general damages and equitable relief.

This article was first published in Madison Record.

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